bundt cakes are $30-$35
*you've never tasted a bundt cake like this - an incredibly moist and delicious cake dripping with fabulous frosting!  bundt cakes feed 12-14 people.  

-chocolate chocolate chip w/ vanilla buttercream, chocolate fudge, or maple brown sugar frosting - $30

-chocolate white chocolate chip w/ chocolate fudge frosting - $30  

-red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting, topped with candied pecan pieces - $35

-lemon w/ lemon buttercream - $30

-banana w/ cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with walnuts - $35

-spice w/ a special maple brown sugar frosting, topped with candied pecans - $35

-goldie yellow w/ fudge frosting - $30

-classic white w/ vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with fresh berries (seasonal) - $35

-classic white w/ vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with sprinkles - $30

-classic white coconut cake w/ vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with coconut flakes - $35

-classic white w/ chocolate chips & chocolate fudge or chocolate chip vanilla buttercream frosting - $30